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The staff is friendly, informative, and talented. Trujillo will help you acquire your oral health under control and leaves you with a healthy, bright smile. Whether you need dentistry, periodontics, root canals, bridges, gum grafts, veneers, dentures, or anything else, the staff at the Phoenix periodontists can help you. Our services include dentures, periodontics, bridges, gum grafts, periodontitis, and much more.”

Dr. Carr, DDS is a practicing dentist with more than 35 years of experience. He and his staff are committed to offering quality dental services in a comfortable and convenient environment.In addition, bone loss in teeth they strive to offer affordable options for patients who do not have insurance coverage for these dental procedures. When considering their alternatives to traditional dental practices, periodontists Phoenix patients should carefully consider the following three dental implants Phoenix dentists provide:

– Gum Graft. This surgical procedure involves using gum tissue from elsewhere in the mouth to construct a gum graft. Once completed, the gum tissue functions like real gum tissue, helping to sustain the appearance of a natural-looking smile. This process is completed through grafts that are grafted from gum tissue from the jawbone, a portion of the gums, or a graft from another part of the body such as the legs.

The benefits of gum grafts are twofold.Patients receive improved appearance and oral health while reducing the chance of developing cancer United States of America associated with gum tissue. Further, the periodontist can use this graft to reconstruct other bone areas lost to disease.4025 W. Bell Road Suite #4 It also serves as an implant to help with periodontitis. As a result, the patient will experience less pain and is able to more fully function than before.

Before starting the process, the periodontist Phoenix patient must consult with their periodontist Phoenix office to discuss their gum graft choices. The periodontist can select the appropriate graft type for the patient based on a thorough evaluation of the condition. This process starts with an assessment of the gum’s current condition. Next, the gum area will be examined under a microscope. The local tissue will then be removed and assessed for the best graft type.

After the local tissue has been removed, it is thoroughly 85053 dissected for biopsy and testing. The periodontist will perform a series of tests to assess the bone health of the gum area. During the testing process, the gum will be exposed to specific acids to determine its stability. The biopsies will provide important


on bone health and disease progression.

Next, the periodontist Phoenix will inject antibacterial liquid into the gum graft to help promote bone healing. This mixture of local anesthesia and oral drugs will numb the area and decrease any pain. Once the initial surgical preparation has been completed, the periodontist will inject the gum graft with bone remodeling cement. This cement will help reinforce the gum line and prevent the growth of new bone spurs.

The periodontist Phoenix will inject mild antiseptic 480-696-5928 agents into the gum to help control infection. This will help the patient feel at ease during the recovery period. The periodontist should be able to help the patient achieve maximum health and function after the procedure. The gum graft will have to undergo a number of follow-up visits with the periodontist Phoenix to ensure that the gum continues to heal. After each visit, the gum will have to be trimmed slightly to remove any excess gum tissue. Patients are encouraged to continue with their daily activities as long as the gum graft continues to heal

For Best Dental Care In The Phoenix Region, Go To The Arizona Periodontal Group Located In Phoen ...

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