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If You’ve Been Experiencing Severe Pain In Your Knees, Osteoarthritis, Or Difficulty Performing E …


The procedure is safe and effective, and it doesn’t affect healthy parts of the knee. Recovery time for this procedure is usually short. Doctors who perform MAKOplasty look at several factors, including the age of the patient, the location of the worn cartilage, and the biological age of the knee.

While makoplasty knee surgery may be beneficial for a thin patient with isolated arthritis, obese individuals may not benefit from the procedure. For this reason, it is important to have a thorough medical exam, including X-rays. If the damage is extensive, your doctor may recommend a total knee replacement. Young underwent the surgery three years ago after he was told he needed to stop taking pain medications. However, after the procedure, Young has been pain-free and doesn’t take any pain medications.

While traditional knee replacement may require several weeks to recover, MAKOplasty patients report significantly shorter hospital stays. Depending on the extent of damage, a patient may be able to walk the same day as the surgery. Typically, recovery from a MAKOplasty procedure is one to four weeks. Depending on the extent of the procedure and the patient’s overall health, MAKOplasty has many advantages over traditional knee replacement surgeries. A less invasive procedure, it allows surgeons to plan the procedure with more precision, resulting in less blood loss and less scarring.

Because of (480) 483-0393 its minimally invasive nature, MAKOplasty is more comfortable and allows surgeons to preserve more of the patient’s healthy knee tissue. This procedure is less invasive than traditional knee replacement, and the results are natural-feeling and less painful than a total knee replacement.With MAKOplasty, surgeons can choose to operate on either the medial, lateral, or United States of America patellofemoral compartment.

The surgeon will first take a CT scan of the patient’s knee. The data will allow the surgeon to plan the surgery based on the scans. Then, he will guide the Mako robotic arm.The surgeon will use the 85258 virtual boundary provided by the Mako system to guide the implant in the correct location. Afterward, the patient must start strengthening their new knee. A MAKOplasty procedure will help you move your knee without pain.

Following the procedure, patients can return to normal activities within a makoplasty knee few weeks. Physical therapy is recommended to improve strength, range of motion, and flexibility. In addition, surgeons at OrthoVirginia recommend lower-impact activities and exercises because high-impact sports or exercises can wear out implants too quickly. During this period, patients should avoid activities with high-impact impact, such as running or jumping. Afterward, patients should begin walking again and return to work.

In addition to these benefits, MAKOplasty is a less invasive procedure than a total knee replacement. It involves robotic arm technology, MRIs, and x-rays to guide the surgeon’s hands. The robot is capable of making very small incisions, allowing the surgeon to perform more precise surgery. Consequently, the recovery time is shorter and the pain associated with this procedure is minimal. A MAKOplasty is considered a safe option for those who have experienced osteoarthritis and need a knee replacement

If You've Been Experiencing Severe Pain In Your Knees, Osteoarthritis, Or Difficulty Performing E ...

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