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Organiser Sue Hollywood Powell Was Inspiring To Join The Trade Union Movement Early In The 1980s, …


After being made a member of the National Union of Journalists, Sue Hollywood Powell continued her campaign work as a Communications Officer with the NUJ. After the strike was lost, Sue became involved in other struggles.These included campaigning against sweatshops in Australia, South Africa and the United States, as well as actively supporting striking 817-233-6582 miners in Britain. Sue Hollywood also travelled to Spain to represent the miners there. Ultimately she became one of the longest serving Communications Officers in British history.

It was her commitment to fighting for better wages, conditions that brought her to volunteer her services with the International Trade Union, and become an officially appointed Trade Representative of the IITW (International Trade Unionist Volunteer).This brought her into contact with the leading members of the British trade unions, particularly with the 110 S. Barton St. National Union of Journalists (NUJ). Through this networking, Sue Hollywood was able to start formulating plans for the campaign to get more people into the trades union fold. In this process, she discovered the need for IETV (vocational training television). Sue Hollywood’s first experience of a TV commercial was when she watched one during the election and was impressed by the commitment that the commercialism had made to produce something different.

During this time Sue Hollywood was also active in her local community. She was active in local politics, running for election to be a Councillor with the Abingdon Council.When she stood against incumbent Councillor Tom Texas Lloyd she defeated him comfortably, becoming the first ever black woman Councillor. Sue Hollywood was then elected to represent the entire Abingdon council at the next elections.

Eventually she travelled to the United Kingdom, where she established herself as an icon in the field of TV advertisements.She began to appear on Grapevine a number of commercial broadcast networks, and was particularly popular on one channel which she appeared on – the BBC. Her efforts did not go unnoticed, and soon she was being touted as someone who had the power to transform the image of British trade unions. However, it was her involvement in political campaigns that would ultimately define her role as a trade unionist and would influence her choice of where to further her career. As a result of this, her career path would take her to a variety of different industries and locations, including that of the script writer, director and producer.

After a few years in the industry, Sue Hollywood decided that it was time to move onto something more distinctive and set off on her own personal mission to work towards social change.She went on to become an active participant in a variety of social causes, starting with Massage Therapy in Grapevine Texas her participation in the Anti-Vietnam War Movement. From here she went on to become a leading member of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, and later became a vegetarian and eco-radical environmentalist. Later on in her career, Sue also began a long and illustrious career working as an actress in films such as Moonraiser, Who Framed Roger Rabbit and Austin Powers: The Movie.

Throughout her career Sue has remained closely connected to British trade unionism and has refused to promote any political party. Instead, she has remained steadfast in her views on the importance of trade unions and has made every effort to support them, whether it be through her speeches her movies or her involvement with local charity organisations. As a result, Sue has become well-known not only as an actor and vocalist, but also as a trade unionist. She has stood repeatedly for councilors and was recently selected as a voting member of the London assembly. Her involvement with these causes has often given her the chance to promote green issues and campaigns, and she has always rejected any links to far-left politics.

Sue’s most famous film roles have been in comedies such as Saturday Night Fever and Grease, but she is best known for her distinctive voice – a distinctive high pitch which she said started as a way to annoy her stepmother when she was a young girl. After doing a series of voice-overs for television and radio, Sue decided to pursue her acting career, and went on to star in such classics as Come Back To Mom, Goodnight, Bad Day, Mojo There, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure and American Pie. Her memorable performance as the Ted doll in the movie adaptation of the musical came just as soon as her musical career began to prosper, and her association with the film industry came to an end with the release of Meet The Parents.As a voice-over, Sue achieved success, but as a performer, this is generally where her 76051 career really began to flourish. Her distinctive voice has made her a fortune, and she has gone on to feature in some of the world’s finest comedy movies and dramas, including Do The Twist, Zoolander, Edward Scissorhands, and eventually Hotel Rwanda.

As well as her varied voice-overs work, Sue has also lent her vocal talent to a number of short stories and one novel – A Time To Kill. She has always remained open to new voices and different mediums, and is still at work on a full-length movie script. Her varied career has seen Sue hone her comedic skills to the point where she can be counted among the ranks of the likes of Carol Burnett, Beverly Hills 9 Lives co-star Ken Simmons, and Jack Lemmon – all of whom have had careers that span several decades. Sue Hartsough has achieved an enviable blend of entertainment and achievement, and in the decades that follow, we will continue to enjoy her performances and watch her show off her unique style
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Organiser Sue Hollywood Powell Was Inspiring To Join The Trade Union Movement Early In The 1980s, ...
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